Dressed for the
Scottish Tartan Festival

The red is the tartan dress for Clan Cameronas shown
here. Sharon is outfitted in her Ariscielh (Ari-say) type of
dress. A style from the 1700's,which is becoming popular
today with the Scottish lassies. A tartan sash 18''x2 1/2
yards secured to the right shoulder is usually worn with a
long white dress as the correct formal wear for the ladies.

Alan is in complete Scottish formal attire with his dress tartan
kilt. This is made complete with his Prince Charlie Coat, bow
tie, sporan, hose, flashers to hold up the hose and Ghillie
Brogues shoes. A vest is worn, which eliminates the need for
a belt and buckle. The Clan crest is also identifiable specific-
ally for the Clan along with the tartan. A Sgian Dubh hidden
knife is worn inside the hose. Formal wear is worn anywhere
the tux is worn and at Scottish events, such as the "Kirking of
the Tartans" or "Burns Supper".

Dr. Alan and Sharon Cameron

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